Advisory Services

Katie helps clients through what can often be the daunting task of navigating the art world to locate specific requests for their home or office, build a collection and identify and target opportunities in the market.  Additionally, her long term relationships, reputation and industry knowlege gives Katie access to significant resources not always available to private collectors.  

As an advisor, Katie can help clients with varying aesthetics and budgets meet their collecting objectives. Katie is available to personally guide clients through galleries and art fairs to help sharpen the client’s visual vocabulary and assist in any transaction.

In addition, Katie Block can help clients with framing, shipping, installing, private resale as well as deaccessions. With a considered eye, Katie can evaluate any design setting and make recommendations regarding collection planning and installation. 

Collection Management

Ownership of artwork requires a certain level of maintenance. Kblockart can assist in all aspects of future care. Archiving, documentation, shipping, loans, insurance issues, storage, reframing and conservation; Katie is well equipped to oversee all activities and can draw on a vast array of local and national vendors when necessary.