• MIAMI - 2017

    I am once again headed to Miami for Art Basel,  December 6th through December 10th.   This year there will be just as many satellite fairs which I am sure will be equally as intriguing  as the convention center.    I am especially looking forward to the Public sector which will transform Collins Park into an outdoor exhibition space featuring 11 works by emerging and established artists.    The Public sector will open on Wednesday, December 6th with a preformance featuring the sculpture Jim Shaw.  Hope to see everyone there and email or text if you are in town.  

  • Omi

    I am thrilled to be visiting Art Omi for the second time this June.   My first visit was in the fall of 2015 and since then, my practice has been focused on sculpture - both public and private.

    Last week I had an amazing opportuniity to visit the most recent  project by one of the greatest artist of my time: the team of Christo and Jeanne-Claude.    The Floating Piers in Lake Iseo Italy is an epic site specific work that exemplifies brilliance in contemporary art. 

    My query to this diverse community today, and personally what my own thoughts have been absorbed with these past few weeks is what makes Chistos practice different, or similair to contemporary public work today and for that matter, even the monuments that we see throughout urban cities.   Is sculpture in the 21st century obsolete?   How do we engage the public and the landscape like Christo and Jeanne-Claude have done for a generation.  I see it as a challenge and an opportunity. 

  • Frieze New York, 2016

    Please join me May 4th for Frieze New York on Randall's Island where you can view more than 1000 of today's leading artist from the world's most peeminent galleries. 

    Some of the satellite fairs this year include NADA, Art New York and Spring Masters. 

  • Art Basel Miami Beach Dec/3-6/2015

    Please join me for another fun filled inspiring week in Miami for all the many art fairs surrounding Art Basel Miami. 

    Just a few fairs not to be missed besides the supreme essential mother fair include: 


    Miami Project 

    Art Miami 


    Art on Paper



    and many many more.....  

    Message me for more info! 

  • 2016 MassArt Auction

    This year's event, happening on April 9, is being co-chaired by myself and the wonderful Cheryl Franklin  #MassArtAuction2016

    Last year's event welcomed a sold out crowd of over 700 attendees and raised over $1 million in scholarship aid and academic program support for our students.Our goal is to  once again  raise over $1 million and are seeking donations from collectors help us reach this ambitious goal.  

    Here is a link to last year's Auction artwork to give you a sense of how the event has progressed - And also a link to the event itself with more details -

  • Chicago Art Expo 18 - 21 September 2014 Navy Pier

    The Chicago Art Expo has gone through so many itinerations,  but for me, it has always been a major event.     Chicago is my home town and the place where I discovered my passion for art and the fact that Art Expo (or Expo Chicago) is once again back in historic Navy Pier makes it even more special.  

    I will be going for the first few days and I plan to tweet and instagram some of my favorite moments. Please feel free to message me if you are planning a trip.  It would be great to share notes or walk through the fair.